We are a developing nonprofit in Eugene, OR, starting with two on the Board, Mike Brunt and Alexandra Bwye. We believe in spreading the joy of diverse, self-sustaining eco-systems anywhere and everywhere.



Mike Brunt is a certified permaculture designer as well as a computer server engineer and owner of Go2Ria Inc. Mike enjoys making his own salsas and other foods that he can make from what he grows as well as from local farmers, and believes that major change is needed in how we approach our role as humans on Earth in order to help bring restoration to the planet and its systems.

Alexandra Bwye is also certified as a permaculture designer and helps manage the meet up group. She has her own little urban farm in Eugene and hopes to spread the delight of growing your own food.

Alexandra owns and runs The Enlighten Principle Nutrition & Fitness Practice, a plant-based practice aimed at helping the body heal itself.


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