Million Daisy Farm - Planning and Designing

September 11, 2014

For million daisy farm, where Mike is currently living on Fox Hollow Road in Eugene, Oregon, we are implementing a few new designs. We began a keyhole garden with winter vegetable sprouts now popping up, an herb spiral near the house with a pond to be put in in the near future for ducks that we plan on getting within the next few weeks, and our biggest project so far of 2 -12x16ft polytunnels on the north side of the garden, part of the 'million daisy' area, for more winter vegetable gardening. Inside the polytunnels, we are implementing a 'keyhole raised bed' design inspired by a UK operation that did something similar. 



Because it is just Mike and I (Alexandra) designing everything, we needed a little extra help in the actual building process of the polytunnel and the raised bed construction. We found some redwood lumber that was perfect for the beds here in Eugene, at 99 cents for a linear foot, which unbenownst to me was a very good price. We brought Jeff in, who is an amazing woodworker/handyman and can build anything out of anything, and because he's THE ultimate perfectionist in his work and available to help us with the project, he was the perfect person to bring in. 



We're taking things day by day and as you can see above Mike has started sheet mulching, with the next step being to find 276 cubic feet of soil at a decent price, and Mike observes the land daily, brooding consistently over what the possibilities are. We didn't want to wait a year to start anything though, even though this may mean we may have to shift a few things around. We did want to get started as soon as possible, doing as much as possible, short of becoming overwhelmed. We love the project and look forward to the days when we can bring others into the space to display what is possible in living sustainably, while educating on all the bits and pieces that have to come together to make it happen.


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