An Introduction to Foodscaping

September 4, 2014



(We will talk in third person here to make it clearer) Foodscaping has been on quite the journey since opening it's doors, one little crack at a time, following founders Mike and Alexandra's certification as permaculture designers and move from Los Angeles to Eugene, Oregon. Mike had moved around the world for a few years working from his computer, and Alexandra was working with Mike remotely and on her own nutrition practice. 


Having settled in, we are now designing, brainstorming, sprouting, hauling soil, contemplating and researching farm animals, installing keyhole gardens, herb spirals, and fish ponds, and learning about winter gardening for our own properties. Because we are so confident in our education via the Regenerative Leadership Institute, we are excited to finally implement what we have learned into real practice following our successful initial design in Los Angeles of a keyhole garden. We have an incredible amount of space, permission on one piece of land to implement all manners of permaculture concepts, and a surrounding city that is incredibly welcoming to natural living, local farming, positive activism against harmful agriculture and forestry practices, and of course, the blossoming practice of widespread permaculture.


We are currently learning on how to best express our ideas, experiences, learning curves, observations, and tutorials so we can better assist our readers and prospective clients, as well as documenting our heartfelt desire to spread edibles all over the city in the form of 'propaganda planting,' or planting edible plants in raised beds randomly in the city for anyone to eat at any time once the harvest is ready, and also to interview local farmers about how and why they started, as well as their advice for those who feel it is intimidating or overwhelming to move into more natural ways of living.


We hope you join us in our journey in spreading the joy of co-creating with nature in ways that are beneficial to the earth, educational for children and adults alike, fulfilling, more sustainable, and more community centered. Thank you!




Mike and Alexandra

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