We are happy to help you with your permaculture maintenance, design and intallation needs. We have two key certified designers and work with a subcontracted carpenter/landscape laborer to carry out the installation. We funnel the profit that we make into Foodscaping Co's Non-Profit sector, where we help bring sustainable, non-toxic permaculture spaces to charity projects chosen by our 180 Eugene Permaculture Meet-Up members. In this way we can ensure it is non-biased and that the volunteer work will reduce labor and maintenance costs for otherwise barren/toxic land.

Permaculture Garden/Food Forest Maintenance


  • Integrative Pest Control

  • Weeding (chop & drop or chop & compost)

  • Plant restoration

  • Mulching

  • Compost turning/maintenance

  • Pruning/espalier maintenance

  • Minor additions (plants/small basins/small swales)

  • Testing and repairing as needed

Permaculture Landscape Design


Working with you, we zone in on the look and feel of what you envision for your space with a questionnaire, asking highly specific questions about your land that, along with our initial meeting (1-2 hours depending on the size of your land) will allow us to draft up 1-3 conceptual diagrams.


Design costs can range from $100 to $2500 depending on the size and scope of the project.


We can also come out to your property (in Eugene) for a land consultation for $80/hr. Projects outside of Eugene will pay an additional fee based on distance/time to get to you.



Permaculture/Food Forest Installation


  • Plant installation

  • Food forest installation

  • Tree planting and staking

  • Hardscape construction

    • Walks

    • Retaining walls

    • Fences

    • Gates

    • Planters

    • Decks

    • Arbors

    • Trellises

  • Lighting Installation

    • Solar powered lighting

    • Low energy usage lighting

  • Irrigation Installation

    • Sprinklers and drip systems

    • Backflow devices

    • Automatic controllers

  • Drainage systems

    • Swales

    • Catch basins

    • French drains

    • Erosion control


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